Anyone have experiance with the "portfolio" admissions process at Frontier?

  1. I'm torn between continuing on w/an RN to BSN bridge locally next year, or utilizing the portfolio assessment model through Frontier. I currently hold a BS from PSU in Health Education. I did not work in patient care previously, but will have atleast ayear of exp. prior to application to Frontier.

    I was hoping someone who had gone through it could shed some light on it. Is the process completely individualized? Do they require upper level nursing theory coursework, general BSN pre req coursework, or are they really looking for work exp?

    I guess I'm beginning to wish I was done with school for a while, and the thought of 30some more credits seems arduous.

    Maybe I just need a good nights sleep
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  3. by   Belinda-wales
    I did the portfolio assessment model through Frontier - I think it is individualized and all you need to do is follow the instructions given only took me a few hour to complete- good luck.
  4. by   Berkshire1995
    I also did the portfolio. But, I also have 23 years of full-time nursing experience. If you can show that you know leadership principles and have utlitized them, know nursing theory and have utilized theoretical models in practice and can show that you have done community nursing, then the portfolio will speak for itself.
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  5. by   mom2michael
    I also did the portfolio with 2 years of ER experience, no L&D experience (applying to the CMN program) and a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice. It's very tailored to the person doing the application and is not a "one size fits all" kind of application. Answer the questions to the best of your ability. If education applies to the question, answer it as such. If your work experience applies, then answer it that way.

    I was accepted and eventually changed my course to the FNP route for various reasons....but the moral of the story is.... just apply :wink2: