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I am being encouraged to get a nursing certification. My director has a goal to get a certain number of nurses "certified". I can push to take the CCRN, which I barely qualify for, or I can take the PCRN. I am currently working in a progressive care unit, but I used to work in an ICU. I have all the CCRN books I need to take that test. I am thinking why should I do all that studying and only go for a PCRN? Is there any advantage in having a PCRN over a CCRN? Do you guys think I need to buy new books if I go for PCRN? Or, I should just relax and enjoy my current FLUNKY certification, as there is no financial incentive to do either PCRN or CCRN.

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What a pile of bunk. If an employer wants to 'encourage' certification they jolly need to provide some financial incentive!!! Sheesh.

I would advise you to go for the PCRN because you will need to work in ICU to maintain a CCRN - & you don't want that certification to lapse because you aren't eligible to renew.

Thanks for the advice. You are right!

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Is you manager going to pay the fee for your test? If the answer is no, and if there is no financial incentive to do so than I would stay with the FLUNKY. My personal feeling about these certifications is that they are meaningless cash cows for for the nursing organizations that give them out.

I got my CCRN "only" because my employer paid for it and it earned me some valuable brownie points. If that were not the case, I could find better ways to spend $300.

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