Central/Upstate NY CNA Training


Where in Upstate/Central NY can I get CNA training?

I wanted to do the paid training offered at a LTC facility where I live, but they probably won't have another class that fits with my schedule (I say this as I called to ask and they said that they just recently started one and aren't sure when they will start another)...and that's honestly the only place where I live that anyone out of high school can get trained...so I'm looking for other options.

I'm free starting in mid May.


Anyone have any info?

I'll be home from school in 3 1/2 weeks, and I still have no idea what I'm doing this summer in terms of work or volunteering or anything.

Specializes in Cardiology. Has 4 years experience.

What area specifically are you looking? Capital District? Fingerlakes?

I live in the Fingerlakes region, but it doesn't matter much where. That's why I said Central/Upstate.

I'm not interested unless it's free training because I'll be starting my nursing classes and clinicals in the fall and once I complete the first semester I can be hired as a nursing assistant even though I won't be certified...so paying would be ridiculous.


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Sorry this is most likely too late for you, but for anyone else who may find this helpful: Van Rensselaer Manor, an LTC in Troy offers paid training every month. Getting in isn't always easy though, as their waitlist can have you waiting up to 2 months to get into a class. They pay you for 4 weeks of full time training (7a-3p), they have the state come in to the facility to test you and they have you working on the floor FT days until you pass/get your results. After that, they also have you ft for 2 weeks orientation before they place you on pt and have you wait for FT status.

I began working with them in 2009. I spent the first 8 weeks as FT before being placed as PT. They were incredibly generous with hours (I easily picked up shifts to equal 40hrs) and within 1.5 months I was back up to FT. They're a county-operated facility. The base pay is around $14 with $1 shift differential for evening & nights & $1 for weekends. Also, every year they increase the pay by like $0.40

Hope this is helpful