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Central Line Access Kit


Hi all, I am a nurse in a pediatric CVICU and am a member of our CLABSI prevention team. We have been testing various closed systems for line draws because we obviously have to access our lines constantly. We have used trifuses and a stopcock method for drawing (1 syringe for waste, 1 for sample, and a flush attached) so that we never have to open our system when we draw labs (put a syringe on take it off put on the next and so forth.) Just curious if there was a method of closed system for central/art line draws that somebody out there has used that worked well and was easy to use? Our next meeting is coming up and I would love to have a new idea to bring up, any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Our unit uses the hospira safe blood set system which has worked great for us. We haven't had a line infection in well over a year.


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So, your stopcocks are single use? You use them once and discard them? If not, they are notorious for being a piece of IV equipment which transfers bacteria into the vascular system. INS discourages there use, except for single dose then pitch.