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I have been an ER nurse for 4 1/2 yrs. I am looking into taking the CEN by the end of the yr and I was wanting to find a good CEN review book. So, all you RN's out their who hold this cert or have recently taken the exam, What is the best study guides to use and what not to use.

I work in a rural ER that gets everything but ships most pt out, but the pickings are slim and very random. I have a well rounded experience, but I feel I will be to prepare. Thanks!

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My suggestion is go to the source. ENA offers study materials. Understand that the test covers stuff you could see in any part of the world. Frostbite, heat stroke, rattlesnake bites, sushi poisoning, and my personal favorite is questions about bubonic plague. 1 or 2 plague cases happen almost every year in northern NM from tick bites! Go for it and good luck. It's a tough test, but it wouldn't be worth much if it were easy, would it?

May all your patients be compliant and all your orders legible.

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PS: If you haven't joined the ENA I recommend it. The magazine is a little dry, clinical reading, but I've never seen an issue that didn't have an article pertaining to some issue in whatever ER I was working in. Plus they have 5 sample CEN questions in every issue.

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I took the 150-question sample test offered by the ENA, and I thought it was a great study tool in showing you the general level/flavor of CEN questions. The sample test is $75, but was worth it for me in terms of confidence, too. Good luck!!


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I received my CEN in April. Congrats on going for it. It is a VERY hard test but I think you learn a lot studying for it. I bough the CEN study guide from ENA. The book also gives you 2 or 3 online practice tests so you can get a comfort level with the way the actual test is given.

I would advise taking the practice tests, look at the items you missed and read the rationale. If you don't understand then research further. The test will have questions based on your knowledge.

Good Luck.