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Cedars-Sinai New Grad Program November 2014


There was no thread for the November 2014 program so I decided to start one up!

Good luck to those who received second interviews!

Thanks for starting this thread! Hope everyone's second interviews went well! Monday (the 22nd) cannot come soon enough..!!!

They just started emailing out invitations and rejections!

Good luck to everyone.

Does anyone know how many people they are interviewing for this final round?

I'm also curious on how many are being interviewed for this third round. I just got an email inviting me back and I'm curious what are the chances of getting accepted to the program.

I got an e-mail today to participate in the final round of interviews. Does anyone know how this final phase works?

Same way as the 2nd round

how are you guys formatting your essay? and what units can we choose from ?

Congrats to everyone who made it to the 3rd round! I received the invite back but it said we would receive a separate email with another job application. Has anyone received this email yet? I haven't gotten it yet.

No I have not received the e-mail with the job application yet! Have you or anyone else heard of the type of questions they ask on the third round? Has everyone taken NCLEX?

i got the application in my spam folder!! check that!

i got the application in my spam folder!! check that!

Thank you!! Totally didn't think to check but I have it. Thanks so much!

no problem! how are you formatting your essay?

no problem! how are you formatting your essay?

Which one..? I thought we didn't. Have to submit anything new since we already have them our folder last round? I did mine single spaced, block format.

Hi! Congrats to everyone!! Are you guys including volunteer work in the "employment information" section of the online application?

Ok makes sense, thank you!

@starnjambar4me Is there another essay we have to write?