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I posted awhile ago asking whether it was better to start in CCU or on a Med/Surg floor. I decided that even though I was comfortable and loved my job where I was, I'd go for one in the CCU where I... Read More

  1. by   tcvnurse
    We have three secretaries ( but we call them HUCs here) and two of them are fantastic. The last one is absolutely clueless and only got the job cause her mom is friends with a nurse.

    A good secretary can make the unit flow quicker and more efficient. If you can't remember anyone's name and page me for patients who are not mine I am going to be aggravated. If you see me running around in and out of rooms and haven't stopped in six hours don't expect me to be all sunshine and puppy dogs if you don't even try to page the pca for pca work.

    Don't make me ask you three times for something

    Do answer the phone, make an effort to stay at the desk in stead of wandering all over the unit, keep a running list of things to remember and know that you are essential. Know that when you do your job well, every nurse will be grateful. Most of know you work just as hard as we do, cause it is not easy to be on display at that desk.
  2. by   maelstrom143
    We have excellent HUCs, thank goodness:heartbeat They are also very versatile, being trained as PCT/HUCs, they can cover the desk or hit the floors when short-staffed on some floors (we do have a very few who refuse to work the floor, but most will be very supportive and understanding). Our HUCs know our order sets and try to anticipate our needs when they are reviewing orders. Oftentimes, when I go to ask for something they will often say, already done!
  3. by   wantccu
    Well, I officially started my training on the floor last night - everyone seems nice, and I think I'll be just fine! Thanks for all of the good advice!