Pulmonary Emboli and HUGE hematoma

  1. I am an 31 y/o ICU RN. I collapsed at home a week and a half ago and was taken to a nearby hosp. They started a femoral triple lumen and gave me TPA. I bled out of my fem site and now have a baseball sized hematoma in my lt groin. I was transfused 2 units and the fem line was changed for an IJ line. I am home and doing fine (though bruised)but in agony from this darned hematoma. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it? I really wanna get back to work and on with my life. I can hardly bear to sit or stand for any length of time. My hematoma extends from my lt calf to my waist with that HUGE lump in between. Besides amputating my leg (hehehe) any other bright ideas? PS all prayers are graciously accepted!!! Thanks Katy
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    # 1 Prayers are on the way.

    # 2 Don't cut off your leg.

    # 3 What was your PT/PTT/Bleeding time/platelet count?

    # 4 What did the doctor say when you asked him?

    I *think* that ice would be the cure, but good gosh don't take that as an order!!!! Isn't it ice x 48h then heat?

    I think you had best call the doctor. You may have a slow leak that's not allowing it to resolve.
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    Thanks for the reply and the prayers. My INR is 2.2. I bled out of my fem site when I was in the hosp post Activase. My H/H dropped to 6/18 and I was transfused. H/H is now 10/30. I am feeling better and have been applying heat to the site. It is still very large, but not quite as big as it was. Thank the good LORD for Clot busters and I am so glad I had a DOC with enough testicular fortitude to use it!!!! I am still very uncomfortable when I sit, but glad to be alive!!!
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    Dear Katy,

    First of all my prayers are with you. Second , I agree that you should see your doc. There may be a slow leak there. I knew a lady once whose son had a hematoma on his buttocks from a car accident. He eventually had to have it evacuated. So I woud go see what your doc has to say. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.
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    first let me say Thank God you're OK!!

    I think staying off of it is best for the time being, just be sure to do those calf exercises to prevent a DVT. It seems to me, just like after D/C ing a sheath, that flexion of the groin should be avoided.
    There is also a phenonmenon knwon as a pseudoanerysm, which is more like a localized little area of disection in the femoral artery. It does require surgical repair, but I wouldn't let anyone touch me with that INR right now. B/c of the risk of the pseudoanerysm, I would at least call the doc again, or speak with one of the vascular surgeons you respect. In fact, that is a great idea, tomorrow, call one of the vascular surgeons and ask for his/her input.

    I don't know of one thing that can be done to breakdown a hema-tomato that size, or any size really.

    I will also keep you in my prayers.

    PS were you a good patient?
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    HA!!!!! Good Patient... are u crazy????? hehehe I was so confused on Morphine... I was talking about a bicoastal meatball spill etc... My whole family is making fun of me now!!!! I am fully recovered from the big ole hematoma and feeling mucho better. Thanks for all your concern! Katy