Per diem cardiac nursing ideas?

  1. Hello all,

    I'm wondering if anyone might have some advice. I am a cardiac ICU RN, with some cardiac PCU, charge nurse experience. I really love my job and I truly feel that I found my niche in nursing when it comes to my specialty. That being said, I'm looking for ways to use my skills (and make some extra $$) in a less acute setting on my days off. I like the idea of working with heart failure, transplant, post-cardiac surgery patients or doing something in a clinic. Anyone know of anything cool in cardiac that I could do as a side job 1-2 days per week?

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  3. by   TarheelGirlx3
    Cardiac ICU nurse here! I dont know how your hospital system is set up but we have a cardiac rehab program at our fitness center that hires nurses....they work with post MI, CHF patients, etc. A lot of our older nurses go there when they want to escape the busy ICU shifts!
  4. by   chacha82
    Heart clinic would be great and I don't know your region but where I live clinics don't really have a need for PRN staff. They would just work short instead of having PRN openings. Cardiac rehab as a larger facility might be an option or you could dip your toe into home health with cardiac patients. In my state there is a tremendous need for home health RNs, and I often see postings for per diem home health nursing. I've thought about it too
  5. by   Charge200J
    Another Cardiac ICU nurse here voting for cardiac's a great side job/totally different feel from the ICU grind/fun to see your patients get stronger/lots of educating patients on heart healthy habits.

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