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Please let me know what your base pay is in your part of the country. I live in TN and where I work our base pay is 13.00/hr. And if you are a CVICU nurse, do you get paid more for what you can do.... Read More

  1. by   pinkfloydfreak
    my cousins lives in canada and work in michigan as rns .with the higher exchange rate for us dollars and the universal health care , sounds like they got it made. wonder how good is this "universal" health care though.
  2. by   trim36
    I live in mo and I've been an lpn for 13 yrs with 3 yrs IV certification and I only make 11.17 hr prior to shift differiential was looking into how to go about asking for raise. I also work a cardiac floor.
  3. by   trim36
    hey does any one have any idea what their top out pay is ours is 11.92 no matter how many yrs exp. any suggestions?????
  4. by   vaughanmk
    I started in a Stepdown unit recently as a new grad at $16.68 an hour. with $2 differentials for shift, holidays , and weekends
  5. by   EyesForward
    I was reading through earlier posts in this thread, and saw a comment about how new grads can improve their opening salary if they have experience and additional training. What sorts of skills/training are they referring to? Don't we all graduate with approximately the same training and clinical experience?

  6. by   pepsihla
    I am a new grad, I just accepted a position in the CVICU and base rate is 19.50/hour (not including shift diff 15%) This is Arizona. I do have experience as an LPN for 8 months in med/surg unit. This could have been a factor.
  7. by   germain
    Oh my - I cannot believe new grads out there make so little. Here, new grads start at 20-23$/Hr. I'm an aide and I make 12.75 with benifits.
    this is in the puget sound area, washington.
    Its gotta be a cost of living thing.
  8. by   Sinead375
    Recently while interviewing in the Bay Area here in sunny California I have received offers of $35.00 per hour for CICU/MSICU new grad trainging program.
    Other Hospitals told me because I have an interim permit at the moment they would not offer me an ICU training post, instead they (Southern CA) offered me a med/surg post for 1 year and then their ICU training course. I wonder is this because they have not met their Med Surg ratios?
    Certain hopsitals won't even interview interim permitees for their new grad training programs. Do some hospitals generally not employ nurses with interim permits which makes me wonder why issue interim permits then?
    I am considering two offers at the moment from two of the best hospitals in the area one is offering med/surg the other is offering an ICU training program.
    Why the discrepancy?? why do some hospitals not employ interim permitees (even though their website says otherwise) and other hospital will gladly accept an interim permitee into the heart of their ICU?
    Any thoughts/experiences welcome!
    Also is it common for new grads to go straight into an ICU setting? Anyone in the Bay Area that I could exchange emails on the subject of choosing one of two great hospitals?
    Thanks Sinead:roll :roll
  9. by   EyesForward

    I was thinking you might get more of a response if you cut 'n paste your question into a new thread? I'd like to see the responses too!

  10. by   kateRN
    Columbus, Ohio
    I started out as a new grad at $17.80/hr, and after one year they did an across the board nursing wage increase, and mine came up to about $20.10/hr. I'm pretty sure this is competitive all around Columbus. Sounds like ohio/michigan are about the same now. That is really sad how low pay gets around other parts of the country. Even with COL differences. Don't people realize everything we do??
  11. by   ferfer
    Whoa!!! I guess if I lived in the US I would not go into nursing! Part of the reason I did, here in Canada, is that the pay is great. New grads start at $24/hour and can move up to $32/hour. I cannot imagine doing 4 years of school to end up with $13/hour!!!
  12. by   inna
    White Plains, NY is a metropolitan area 20 miles north of Manhattan. Im a psych nurse working in a prestigious hosp. with 8 yrs experience getting paid 32.60/hr base. Recently the hospital increased the minimum pay of newly hired RNs w/no exp to $58,900/yr. Prices of real estate around the area is ridiculous, although you can buy houses a little up north at fairly reasonable prices, if you dont care to drive 30-40 miles/day one way.
  13. by   stbernardclub
    i work in the pittsburgh area. i work for the largest group of hospitals in this area(you know who you are) when i first started in nursing,only 5 years ago, the offer was a stinking 16.70 per hour. worked until i got into ccu, then went into there staffing program, that jumped to 30.00 per hour, but you get nothing else.just the pay per hour,and thats it. you get sick, its on you. now am with ther privated duties service( doing the same thing I was doing ,working with a home bound trach patient,g tube ect..Now my great hourly wage went down to 23 bucks a night plus benefits,which for me only the pto time is a benefit. i guess what im saying is, don't come to one of the largest areas for so called scientific healthcare in the country and expect a decent ,worthy wage. it sucks here, and there isn't any ocean nearby!!

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