NGT feed till what time of the day

  1. السلام عليكم
    peace to you all
    can any body help me !
    just i want to clairfy till what time of the day we can feed the patient

    e.g if the doctor advised to give the patient 2000ml /day via NGT is there any harm to give him for 24hours continous e.g 200ml 2hourly or there is some limition for example upto 10pm so that patient can take rest till the morning of the next day.
    please if you have any information , web sites or researsh about it just provide it for me

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  3. by   Rapheal
    I would ask the doc. Then after that I would check the residuals to see if the amount was being tolerated well. Notify him if they are not so further adjustments can be made. I also think dietary should be involved to recommend how many calories a day are needed, which is the most appropriate formula, and to follow up with this patient.
  4. by   suzanne4
    There is actually no need to turn the tube-feeding off during the night. The most important thing is to see how the patient is tolerating it. You should be checking residuals to see how well your patient is tolerating the formula.
    Is your patient in the hospital or at home? Do you have Kangaroo pumps available for use for the continuous feeds?

    What type of formula are you actually using?
  5. by   zambezi
    We typically NGT feed patients 24 hours a day...we start at 25 cc/hr for 12 hrs, then to 50 for 12 hrs then the "max" rate, typically 70-75 cc/hr...we get dietary involved to find the best type of feeding for the patients caloric needs...we do residuals Q4 or more often as needed...if the patient is a long term feeder and we know they have been tolerating feeds then we check residuals less often... We also do CBS either Q4, Q6 or BID depending on patients needs...there are also some associated lab tests that we do weekly...