Is anyone using the Portland Protocol?

  1. I work in CV-ICU, and we are in the process of changing our post-op open heart insuling protocol, using a modified Portland protocol, as our doc wants tighter glucose control.

    I'm a little worried, as we will be getting fingerstick glucoses q 30 mins, and our goal will be to keep the glucose level <100. (Right now we start an insulin drip for glucose >200, with q 1 hour accuchecks.)

    If anyone can share any experience, I would appreciate it.

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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    Not familiar with it. We do q1h checks and anything above 100 gets insulin and above 150 gets a drip.
  4. by   LakotaRN

    We use the modified Protland Protocol with q1hr glucometer readings. A gtt gets started for anyone with a glucometer greater than 150.
  5. by   NurseyPoo
    Our protocol is this:

    Accucheck q1h: >150 X3 qtt started: >175 at any one time qtt started. Monitor BS q1h until 3 stable, then q2h. Unless S&S warrant another check.
  6. by   christymwinn
    Ours is also a little different. We can start the protocol for a bs > 130. our goal is a blood glucose that is under100, but when it is stable under that number we tend to dc it and put them on a sliding scale. Our usual checks are every hour unless it is <100, then q 30min. Also if it remains between 100-140 consistently then we check q2h until it is out of that range. IT actually seems to work really good here.