Heparin vs NSS

  1. Please Help!!!! I have been assigned as the person in charge of a research group for the senior staff in my unit... the first item on the agenda is Heparin vs NSS for use with invasive lines!!!! I have searched the internet for any information I can find and have come up empty handed
    Any tips on where to look on the internet for some info??
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  3. by   P_RN
    When you say invasive lines does that include peripheral lines? NITA the iv therapy group issued an OK so to speak on NSS many years ago.

    AORN had comments about NSS-again for peripheral lines:

  4. by   RNforLongTime
    Have you checked with the Infusion Nurses Society? They have Standards that I am sure would address these things for you.
  5. by   sweetnurse11
    I want know how can I post my question in nursig discussion .Thanks.
  6. by   babsRN
    There are only about three very old studies out there that have been published. All are inconclusive, with the most famous one being the Thunder project sponsored by the AACN, that I think was published in the early 90's. We're about to start a study at my facility to look at the effectiveness of NS v. Hep in art lines. We're using a double blind randomized study design. Hopefully we'll have enough data to think about writing something up by the fall. Hope this helps! b
  7. by   ArenRN
    Look at articles regarding Heparin induced thrombocytopenia...

    We have encountered so many of these cases that we have adopted the NSS for ALL invasive lines