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Hi there! I am a student and was on the CVCU last week. I saw my first code and noticed the doctor doing compressions was going at least twice as fast as I thought we were supposed to (had the... Read More

  1. by   Lovelymo79
    Quote from Do-over
    I have never seen a physician do chest compressions... but I admittedly don't get out much. I'd rather they give orders and stuff. Maybe start a central line.
    I have not only seen docs doing compressions, but they have raised the legs up also when BP was low. And the ones that had performed compressions, they also were the surgeon who did the surgery. No residents here!
  2. by   Lovelymo79
    Quote from Dodongo
    We use the ArcticSun machine to initiate and carry out our hypothermia protocol. We do it for most all of our cardiac arrests. It's quite nice. It uses a core temp probe and circulates cold water through blankets on the skin and then cold saline infusing. The machine adjusts everything to keep the temp at goal and the cooling and rewarming controlled and gradual.
    We just got those. Very cool machines. Pun intended
  3. by   rcpals
    Several recent studies, document rates between 150 and 200 chest compressions. Survival starts to drop as compression rates get greater than 120. So 100-120 is optimal.