CCU interview prep/questions?

  1. Has anyone recently interviewed on a CCU? Interview coming up and would like to be best prepared for possible clinical questions ...thank you!
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  3. by   Charge200J
    Clinical questions that we like to ask:

    -explain what cardiogenic shock is?

    -Understand meds used in cardiogenic shock (eg: ionotropes (Dobutamine/Milrinone/Dopamine), vasopressors (Norepinephrine/Vasopressin/Epinephrine/Phenylephrine)

    -your pt complains of 10/10 crushing CP and SOB, what do you do? (eg: EKG, troponin, MONA if appropriate, escalate with MD's).

    -your brand new July intern fresh out of med school orders 1 L NS wide open for your pt. You know your pt has an EF of 10-15%. What should you do? (Escalate concern about fluid volume overload with MD chain of command eg residents/fellow/attending), most likely do smaller volumes slowly (eg 250 or 500 ml bolus slowly) while assessing for resp distress.

    -what does respiratory distress look like? (tripod positioning/orthopnea, tachypnea, tachycardia, retractions, wheezing, desat, etc).

    -explain a time you have advocated for your pt?

    Just do your best, try to relax and let your enthusiasm shine through. Listen to what the people interviewing you are saying. Good questions to ask your interviewers are: what your orientation would be like (length of time, experience on both day shift & night shift, weekly classes, how many preceptors will you have (>4 preceptors can make it challenging for you to get your feet on the ground.)