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  1. I'm scheduled to take the CCRN on June 15th. I'm using the MedED CCRN review online. I'm about 1/3 of the way done and am finding it very helpful with identifying my knowledge deficits.

    Has anyone used MedED's review for the CCRN and how well do you believe it prepared you for the actual exam?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   sunnybabe
    I used it. I thought it was great! The review series is really thorough but doing lots of questions and focusing on my weak points was the biggest help. I also listened to Laura G's videos but found Med Ed to be more detailed... I made 91% on the test
  4. by   got2startsomewhere
    What did you use as a source of practice questions other than those in MedEd's review?
  5. by   JackDawson23
    Never heard of the MedED CCRN. I just used the PASS CCRN test bank. It was more than enough to help prepare me. I also listened to the Laura Gasparis dvds but I thought it was just a waste of money. Good luck!
  6. by   SedatedRN
    I've used medEd for my SCRN and I believe it was pretty well round study review material wise. I guess I would assume they would have a fairly good CCRN review since it is a more popular exam. I used passccrn and barons. Barons doesn't give you a lot of info but it gives the good "down and dirty" info that you really need to know for exam and does not over load you.
  7. by   sunnybabe
    I practice questions I found in various books from Kaplan to Barron's. I thought Barron's CCRN book was really good.
  8. by   marienm, RN, CCRN
    I did the MedEd program and just passed last week! I got 88% correct, with cardiovascular being my weakest area by far. I also did a lot of review with the PassCCRN question bank, and I think both things helped.

    The rationales with the question bank are pretty good, but if you do the practice tests over & over you see the same questions and can just 'memorize' those answers without really understanding. I had done a bunch of them before I started the MedEd program so I felt like I knew what concepts I was weakest on. That way I knew what to really pay attention to. I also liked that I could watch them at 1.4 to 1.6 speed and still understand them. My work pays for the MedEd program, so cost wasn't an issue.

    Good luck with the exam!
  9. by   CVSU
    I used Laura G's video's. I had a copy made, I don't know that I would be as quick to pay full pop. They were somewhat helpful but dated. There was just way more going on with the new version of the test. The main thing I did was the test bank, not the book, from Pass CCRN. The lectures on the AACN website were actually really good too. Again, I used a friends login for help on a couple of topics. If I could go back I would have paid for the AACN test prep, if nothing else, because you get a bunch of contact hours.

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