1. I just got my ok to test for CCRN. Is there anyone out there that has taken it recently? Trying to ease my nervousness. What did you find that was the hardest part of the test? Thanks for the input.
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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    Where can I find info on the CCRN? Is there a webstie for it?

  4. by   Donna Reynolds
    the AACN website has info as well as Laura's tapes are wonderful and provide great tips too!
  5. by   Hetsel
    I took it a long time ago but if you study the material from AACN. The book and study guide you will do fine. The test has changed since I took it in 1990, but I've been told it is easier now with more cardiac. Laura's tapes are also great but she packs alot of info quickly. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!
  6. by   martabee
    I took my CCRN exam 3 years ago. I studied for a year, listened to every tape I could get my hands on, read the AACN material and studied " Pass CCRN" text. I was fairly new to nursing and took the test too early I think but I continue to read and review. I think more critical care experience might have been better that taking the test being such a new RN . I thought the test was difficult but that could be related to my wanting to pass so badly. I passed and have used the knowledge gained everyday I'm in the unitl. I suggest every critical care RN study and get the credentials. Good luck!!!! Let us know.
  7. by   lever5
    Make sure you study using AACN sources. Information for the test questions is contained within their recommended materials. Go to their site and obtain their study guide.
  8. by   bushes
    I took the CCRN in Dec. It was not that bad.. I used the Pass CCRN by Dennison, you can find it at any bookstore... It really did help me... Take a deep breath, we do this every day... I just sat there and imagined myself being in that situation.. they want you to think... not what the doctor would do, what you would do.. good luck
  9. by   tbxxxx
    Is there a web site for the AACN you have listed for the CCRN course or are they available at professional book stores? Thanks.
  10. by   bushes
    Go to the aacn website, they have a blueprint for the CCRN and get the Pass CCRN book. REad it, and take the exam. It is not that bad... I studied for about 2 months. I registered for the exam and I knew I had to follow through.. Go for it,, you will do fine.
  11. by   tbxxxx
    Thanks for the info and the encouragement. It is nice to find a place where we are supporting each other. I look forward to being able to return the favor.
  12. by   careless
    You can go to the AACN Certification Corporation website at to get info on the CCRN exam; just click on CCRN on the homepage. There are links to the detailed test blueprint which can be downloaded, application, etc. There is a bibliography that the item writers use when writing test questions to validate that their questions are correct. There is also a link to the AACN Bookstore, which has many useful study resources. AACN Certcorp. also has a new self-assessment exam.