Cath lab procedures for menstrating women

  1. I have been trying to find information regarding cath lab procedures for women who are menstrating, especially if the doctor will be using the femoral veins/arteries. Does anyone have experience with this? Can the patient use a tampon? A menstal cup? Disposable chucks pad with peri care?

    I am a a nursing student about to have a cardiac ablation done to treat AVNRT. The timing looks as though I may be in the middle or tail end of my period, it's difficult to predict or think about my cycle when planing 2 months out. Both femoral veins will be used for the ablation. I have googled and searched and I can't find any information regarding prep/nursing care for the menstrating cathlab patient. I'm curious not only for myself, but as a future nurse. What do you do to care and prep for menstrating women?
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  3. by   Kliska
    As a circulator in the OR, I can say that generally the fact that the patient is on their period doesn't affect much about the procedure. For any procedure, the nurse will ask that you remove anything that can be removed before going back to the procedural area. This includes dental implants, hearing aids, glasses, tampons, etc. It might be worth mentioning to the nursing staff that you're on your period so that they can put down some padding before hand.

    Hope this helps!
  4. by   Rose_Queen
    As you are the patient, this is a question best directed to your care provider. He or she would be familiar with the policies and protocols where you are having the procedure.