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  1. Hy All,

    If you all could give me some ideas about presenting an interesting topic in cardiology, would really appreciate. I have to present any interesting topic related to cardiology in a conference which is going to be held in Nov, 2006. Awaiting for your responses. Thanks in advance.

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  3. by   gwenith
    Hmmmm - a good one might be related to knowledge base of Cardiac patients in relation to .............................

    This would be a great one as basis for simple research - what do cardiac patients understand about, say symptoms of chest pain pre-MI. We lose so many people who ignore thier first MI as being "indigestion" or similar that perhaps there needs to be more public awareness.

    Some time back there was research suggesting that even in hospital patients were underreporting incidence of chest pain because they "did not want to bother the busy nurse" - Is this still an issue or has it been addressed?
  4. by   ccrnjen
    Depends on the audience you are presenting to....

    I have always found interventional cardiology fascinating. The technology involved, the advancements made, current trends and devices... I still think it is amazing to see a blocked or narrowed artery re-opened. Or PFO closure that is now done in the cath lab in many places. What about something on ablation therapy for arrhythmias?

    However, these topics may be to "simple" for your audience.
  5. by   augigi
    Who needs a ventricular assist device?