Biggest Aortic stent ever?

  1. My CICU Trauma center - tonite they had a BAD mva come in- torn aorta- huge tear- caused an occlusion, which then caused a massive balloning below and around the aortic arch. Pt had a pneumo and a hemo (of course) as well as most ribs broken. No other vital organ damage (a miracle!).

    They placed a stent graft literally from just above the left sbuclavian to just above the celiac and pt made it thru and was moving extremeties! they were sure if he made it he would be a quad! he was without prefusion for 3-4 hrs!

    Anyhow, just wondering if anyone has even seen or heard about stent grafts this big before- I am still floored at the sheer size of the thing. I do know that center is considered one of the top in the country if not the top for stenting but all ten of his docs said never before seen.

    Pt was stable and left open- stenting was done thru both groins but was opened wide to check for other injuries and and ensure no other unseen damage.

    Thinking its a miracle this guy survived, eh?
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  3. by   augigi
    It's a miracle when anyone with an aortic rupture from any cause survives - usually they have to literally drop at a surgeon's feet!