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I am a 12yr nurse. I stared in the ED got my CEN, moved to SICU, got CCRN then moved to ICU float pool so that I could work all ICU's, step downs and ED. I have been working with a recruiter for about a month now and cannot find a contract. I am being picky trying to stay within 100 miles of home and day shift. I have also ruled out ICU as I don't want to get in over my head in case it is cardiac or neuro specific and while I can handle MICU/SICU well the specifics of those units lend me to think others would be best served. 

I have found a number of PCU/tele or even med surg jobs that I am willing to work. The recruiter keeps telling me "there are stronger candidates that do med surg or tele only". That seems out of line that I have CCRN/CEN, can and have worked virtually every unit in the hospital besides L & D and OR but I am not a strong candidate compared to a med surg or tele only nurse? So I have worked LVADs and swans but that's not enough "tele" experience?

I'm a little frustrated but admit I may also just not understand how traveling works. This is my first attempt while I finish school but feel it won't be a problem as I've been float pool for so long and my last job was 3 campus's and 16 units total. 

Any advice is appreciated. This is through TNAA a friend used this recruiter and spoke highly... she is also a tele/med surg only nurse. 

Thanks in advance!

The recruiter is just wrong and is going to lose you, right? You have no way to force her to submit your profile so move on. 

But don't skip the ICU jobs. The skills checklist you filled out will allow the NM to make a determination if you are a good fit for their unit. As does the phone interview. Plus the licensure requirement to turn down patient assignments for which you cannot provide safe care. 

True. About turning down a patient assignment. I guess I just didn't want to be "that nurse" turning down assignments while collecting premium pay. But you're right. 

So I'm not totally off base thinking he could at least submit me for these jobs? I think the phrasing "there are stronger candidates" irked me. I can work those units no problem. I think my resume shows that. Plus when the jobs are still posted a week later...

Thanks for the advice. I'm going to politely say something to him. 

Easier to switch agencies. You can give this agency a try by talking to his manager and switching recruiters by saying not a good fit. That might well work but you would have some negative currents still depending on the agency size. 

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You are highly experienced with a lot of expertise. Hats off :).

But as a previous tele manager, I would take a nurse with Tele experience over ICU/ED because of their proven ability to manage a team.

Don't take it personally.

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