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I am taking my CCRN in a two weeks and have been using the PASS CCRN online question review and read through the Barron exam test prep but am still scoring in the 70s on practice quizzes through PASS CCRN. Does anyone have any suggestions or know how these compare to the actual exam?

I plan to reread through my Laura Gasperias review the week before.

Thanks so much.

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I just got some $20 app that had some questions on there and I consistently scored in the 70s on the app. Got over 90s in all categories on the exam. You should definitely at least pass if you've been studying and preparing, in all actuality it's not that hard.

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The actual exam didn't seem as difficult as I thought it would. I had was getting high 60's in PASS CCRN. So I studied Laura Gasparis review book and studied all the material on the CCRN blueprint. Watching YouTube videos on most of the blueprint content really helped me understand majority of the topics.

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I was scoring about 70% on PASS CCRN as well, I focused primarily on cardiac and improved to the low 80 percentile but when I took the CCRN I got 100/125 so don't let that discourage you too much.

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