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Hi there. I picked up a study guide for CCRN the other day and, WOW, is there alot to study!! I've always heard it was difficult so I figure I'll allow myself ample time to review. My question is, being fairly new to the internet, any suggestions on websites offering CCRN related information? Thanks


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you can go to for info on the test

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Mosby has an excellent review book called 'Pass CCRN' it's relatively inexpensive, around $30. The book is organized into systems. Each system starts of with a brief review of A & P then goes into an outline of diseases and treatments. Each chapter has practice questions and answers with rationales and at the end of the book is a practice test. I took the test in 1997 and more than 75% of the questions were cardiac and respiratory. It is a very hard test and it gives you a good feeling to pass it, I wear my credentials on my name badge with pride. Good luck to you.

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I took my CCRN friday and I passed. I have been studying out of the "PASS CCRN" book as well as several books from AACN. The test was very challenging, but I was well prepared...I have been studying for a year. My advice is to put forth the effort and it will be worth it. Learn the material and dont just memorize it like we do so many times for tests. Remember, the more knowledge we possess, the better off are patients are.

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You could also try the website. They offer a CCRN review as well as a lot of other education products to help you study for the CCRN exam.

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In my testing experience, you need to be really proficient at hemodynamics. Using the numbers to figure out what's going on. Lots of shock-hypovolemic, cardiogenic. After you've studied a while try to take a review course....Laura Gasparis Vonfrolio is awesome!!

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