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Okay I know this has been asked before but every few year I'm sure there are changes.

I'm looking for an affordable CCRN study guide/Question bank. I mean seriously, nothing over $100 and that's my limit. I know already a few that are out of the question.

I have never had issues with absorbing material or retaining large amounts of information. I don't need the most expensive and popular tools.

I do want a good question bank though. I would prefer online, even better if it saves me money. A program I can download or sign on into.

Suggestions??? GO! Thanks!

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When you sign up at AACN for the exam and pay for it, it will give you the option of purchasing the online study course at half price. The course is really good. It will have some questions interspersed, but not that many. I think Barrons has a book of questions that is pretty affordable such that the combination of the two will be around $100. Another idea is to see if peeps you work with or in the other ICUs at your facility would want to form a study group and pool resources. It's a good idea to go over questions and rationales in a group/interactive setting.

Good luck!

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I got the PASS CCRN book...

Did anyone read everything from front to back? It's a lot!

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I used the Barron CCRN review book

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