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Hey, I'm trying to get into the night program for Nursing at the Lincoln Campus, and I was curious as to how the nursing instructors are? Would anyone be able to provided any insight? Any advice? :confused:

I will be filling out my February, 2009 application and hope to get in based on GPA (4.0) I heard that some individuals with 4.0 got turned down last year. So I will keep my fingers crossed! :up:

Anyone else filling out their February application for next month? Is the 2009 application form not set up on the CCRI database or something? I guess they have not updated it yet.

Right now, I am taking the Nursing Assessment course because I heard it was a great class to take before starting clinicals.

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All I can say is good luck to you. I was at CCRI and it took two years before they called me and told me I was in their program. I turned down the offer because I had already transferred to RIC, taken a year's worth of classes and was one semester into their program before I finally heard back from CCRI. If CCRI is where you really want to be then just keep up the good grades and wait on that call that says your "in". Good luck and keep up the good work!

!Chris :specs:

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