CCHS Spring 2010 admission!! Advice please!!


I am currently a pre-nursing student and REALLY want to attend Cabarrus College of Health Sciences in Spring 2011. I am hoping I get accepted into the ADN program. My GPA is about a 3.5 and I have all the pre-reqs except A&P II and medical term. Also, my nutrition is not going to transfer in I recently found out..anyway I was just wondering if someone who has gotten in to the program or knows of someone who has could tell me what type GPA/classes they had. I have heard some people say it is difficult to get into and some say it is easier than a university. Basically, do I have a chance?!

Oh yeah, and I already have my NA1 and have experience.

Any input would be extremely helpful because this is the only school I am going to apply to in the Spring and I am very anxious to find out if I am going to be a nursing student or not next year!!! :nurse:


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Spring 2010 is now. Do you mean Fall 2010 or Spring 2011?

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Oh wow, I'm losing it! I meant Spring 2011! Applying in 2010 keeps throwing me off :p