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CCAC Spring 2015 Hopefuls


Hi All!

Just sending out a good luck huzzah to everyone applying for the Spring 2015 cohort at the Community College of Allegheny County.

We can start applying tomorrow and the the deadline is August 15.

I am all done with my pre-reqs and co-reqs, so am excited to get this application process rolling. I am going tomorrow to meet with an advisor to be sure all of my ducks are in a row.

Anyone else out there applying?


After 3 semesters of classes (pre-reqs), and hard work I'm applying too. :) Good Luck for us!!

Hi! I actually applied to the CCAC nursing program for spring 2015! I finished all my pre reqs, and A&P 1. I'm taking a&p 2 and micro now I wont receive the extra points though for those 2 classes, but I figured I'd attempt to apply now! keeping my fingers crossed! I really want to get the program started I'm very excited/nervous hope I get accepted!

Hello all! I also applied for the Spring 2015 program at CCAC. My first choice was the Boyce Day program as it is 5 minutes away from my job and apartment. I have completed A&P1, A&P2, and Micro so I just have core nursing classes left. Good luck to everyone who applied! I have heard that they start sending letters out around a month after the deadline so hopefully we should be hearing something soon. I'm going crazy waiting for an answer!

Goodluck!! I applied to allegheny day cause I live super close to it , but Boyce day was my second. Honestly I'll take anything I just wanna get in and get started!!

I also applied for the spring 2015 class. Has anyone heard anything yet? I'm getting antsy waiting to hear. I applied for Allegheny night classes.

I haven't heard anything yet. I applied for the CCAC program at Cal-U for spring. (Anyone else planning on Cal?) I actually applied and was accepted for the fall 2014 program at south but had to give up my seat due to some personal issues. I figured it would be better to wait until spring. It took them a little over a month to get letters out last semester, so we probably have at least another 1-3 weeks to wait. That is the hard part. Good luck everyone! Take care, Melissa

Do you know what the cutoff GPA was for last semester? I have heard from some people it was very high, like around a 4.3, but I have also heard from others that it is normally around 3.7. Im also not sure how many seats they usually have open for the spring so that might pay huge part in it too.

I don't know what the cut off is but the secretary told me spring acceptance is more difficult than fall because there are fewer program spaces available. My main concern isnt my GPA but this underlying fear that for some reason my application packet was missing something :-/

This is my fear too. Would they have told us if something was missing? I hope so

They tell you at the time of your rejection. That's what I have heard in the past from these message boards. They don't go out of their way to tell people things are missing. It's a competitive program and they want applicants to be able to succesfully turn in their applications.

Anyone hear anythig yet? I'm getting super nervous now! I applied for alleghney day.

No, I haven't heard anything yet either. Ugh, the wait sucks!

I have a feeling it's going to be longer than we think though.

Good luck to everyone! I applied for North evenings :)

I just received an email from Amber Reed saying the letters will be out by next Friday!

Me too! I'll be checking my mail anxiously everyday until next Friday! 500 applied, and only 200 got accepted..craziness!!

I just received my letter and got accepted to Boyce Campus, my first choice! Anyone else hear anything yet?

That's awesome! My mail doesn't come until later today. Do you mind me asking what was ur over all gpa?

I had a total gpa of 4.1 with all the extra points added in, with a&p1, a&p2, and micro completed.