Cbd compression socks


I just bought compression socks that were highly recommended by the scrub store. I got them home and see on the label that they are CBD infused. I am in pnap and I'm concerned about the drug testing. Does anyone else wear these or does anyone know if it is enough to show on a drug test? I can't imagine that it would be because it's infused fabric on your feet, but I'm nervous.

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CBD products are not spposed to cause positive UDS for MJ due to the fact that they come from plants that have small or nondetectable amounts of THC. CBD has become this majic bullet to companies trying to make money off the latest health fad. I can't even imagine what the supposed health benefits of CBD infused socks would be. The oils usually need to have direct contact with the skin or be inhaled in order to have any pain relief benefits. They also don't make you high. Frankly I don't see any benefit from this product except the benefit to the manufacturer lining it's pockets with your money. 


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The sales lady didn't even mention the cbd.  She was talking more about the right amount of compression and how comfortable they are.  I don't buy into the supposed benefits of cbd in clothing.  I bought them because she said they were comfortable and only $6.  LOL