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just heard on the 6 o'clock news that some psycho escape from some jail posted a message on the computer to someone that he was out to kill all abortion clinic employees from the doctors down to the people who mop the floors, and this includes all planned parenthood employees. his last name is wagner and it's the biggest manhunt in history! he's armed and dangerous. couldn't get the whole scoop, i was in the middle of posting on another thread. to all those involved, please use caution and report any strange looking characters around and about your facility. go with your gut feelings, they are always right heard it on fox 5 out of new york city.

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why is it that a few people think killing abortion providers is going to stop abortions?? it will still happen

I do not think that i would ever have an abortion, but never having been in the position to have to make that decision, i cant be 100% sure.

Does anyone think that it is odd that people who feel that killing (aborting) unborn babies is so morally wrong, but killing the people who assist in them is morally right?

Shouldnt a life be a life, no matter what the age of the person is?

There sure are a lot of sickos out there.

I'm not going to comment on whether I am pro one way or the other, since there are individual circumstances to consider in any decision of that enormous seriousness....but i must say that anyone who can justify killing a person for their beliefs,wrong or right, are criminals and should stay(or go) to prison or psych facility.

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