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Cath Lab or PACU?


Been in ICU for a few years now and looking for a change. I think I am burned out from total patient care and working in a hospital, most days I feel defeated. Also I am tired of working nights, holidays, and weekends all the time. I hear most ICU RNs going to cath lab or PACU after their time in ICU.

Any opinions about Cath Lab vs PACU? How do you like these areas of work? What type of things do you do? Workflow? Whats the work schedule / call like? etc...

Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

DextersDisciple, BSN, RN

Has 7 years experience.

IR is another Avenue as well. I would shadow if you could and get a feel for what the flow is like. PACU has a very quick pt turnover- recover one, the next one comes right in. Cath lab might have some crazy call if there's a lot of active STEMIs that day. I think all 3 depts offer four 10's , five 8s or even three 12's depending on location. Holidays are usually only on call ie one on call holiday a year. I find call time can be given away to people who need it if you don't want it. It all depends of the size of the dept.

Dodongo, APRN, NP

Has 7 years experience.

You might consider looking into being an OR circulating nurse as well. There's call involved, just as with cath lab, IR, PACU, however, I would say the job itself is less demanding - physically and mentally. If I had remained a bedside nurse I'm sure it's where I would have eventually ended my career... 3 decades from now. haha. Plus, the OR is fun.