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Case study question about heart failure. Need help!


So i'm writing up a case study for school concerning the following patient:

"M.K. is a 45-year-old female, measuring 5'5” and weighs 225 lbs. M.K. has a history of smoking about 22 years along with a poor diet. She has a history of Type II diabetes mellitus along with primary hypertension. M.K. has recently been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis. Her current symptoms include chronic cough, more severe in the mornings with sputum, light-headedness, distended neck veins, excessive peripheral edema, and increase urination at night. Her current medications include Lotensin and Lasix for the hypertension along with Glucophage for the Type II diabetes mellitus."

One of the questions I must address concerning this patient is "Which type of heart failure would you suspect with M.K.? Explain the pathogenesis of how this type of heart failure develops."

I'm thinking it would be right-sided heart failure because of her chronic bronchitis that causes pulmonary hypertension thus causing a back up of blood in the right ventricle and back to the rest of her body, but i'd just like to see what experienced nurses out there have to say about it! Am I right or am I completely wrong? Please help! Thank you!



I think you're right with right sided :o - but I'm still learning this too haha <_>

Right sided heart failure will present with edema in lower limbs, distended neck veins, shortness of breath etc.

Remember the path of blood through the heart~ Right side will present more with edema, left side will present with things like chronic cough, decreased urination etc.

Khan academy has a couple of really awesome videos on youtube that'll help explain it in a way that'll be easier to understand :)

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Thank you for your reply! Any input helps :)

- V