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I have heard of skilled nursing facilities holding weekly case mix meetings consisting of MDS coordinator, unit managers and rehab staff in order to monitor/improve the CMI scores. Do you any of you conduct such meetings or have agenda or forms that you use or would be willing to share. Thanks for any help.

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We do therapy screens in conjunction with routine OBRA trying to look out a month beforehand.

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In my facility we hold a weekly meeting. In attendance are: Medcare coordinator / MDS coordinator, PT/OT/ST and Nursing Rehab. And any students we have that are involved in these departments, so they can see an interdiscpilnary approach to care provisions.

We discuss projected outcomes, participation levels and any issues affecting the resident.

In that regard:

Do we need saturday therpapy for any reason? i.e: resident with outside appointment on any given day that interferes with therapy? Is the appointment in the AM or afternoon that Therapy can work around?

Is it an ortho appt. affording WB status that would increase therapy participation?

Is the program we are providing affording the best recovery and the residnts ability to tolerate it..

Should we go to 3:2 split? Rehab Low? Increase therapy?

Do we need a home visit and when for potential discharges?

The medicare coord/MDS coord are there for dates affecting the resident, to be aware of discharges and provide MDS's appropriately. (COT's are discussed, as well as rug scores and)

Also, we have Med B's and maintenence therapy to discuss. All the same issues are discussed, as well as Nursing Rehab transitions.

We also have a much more informal, therapy/nurse on unit meeting lasting 3-5 minutes a week on each unit - to discuss any ADL declines for any residdnt, so we may obtain assessments as needed before the therapy/case mix/obra meetings.

This all happens in a 400+ bed facility.

Hope this helps.

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