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Case managment certification, CCM exam with tips

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Hello fellow future or CCMs,

I finally took the exam in August 30th and I finally passed. It was my retest. I believe i was way to cocky thinking that I would had passed the first time in April. I am sooo happy when the computer said "Pass" on the screen. The first time around I studied only The case manager's study guide and the CMSA for me it was dry and the cd in the case manager's study guide didnt help me on the first try. I purchased the certistep cd from a friend that passed the test the first time around. But for me it would be the second time and it really helped me. It broke down the categories so i pick and choose which catorgies i had the most problems with. I sat down and practiced every other day and just completed 150 questions with out getting out of my seat. I know everyone in the forum and all my friends and family wanted me to pass. It was so dreadful. I studied for over one year.

When i finally took the test the 2nd time, i was able to complete it in 1 1/2 hours, all 180 questions. I was amazed and knew i passed. The test questions consist of a lot of psychosocial, withdrawal of drugs, the difference between tolerance and withdrawal/dependency, what is co dependent, drg, home care, utlization in patient, medicare, vocational disability, reverse mortatge, etc.. If any one wants to purchase my certistep cd then email me. I have no use any more for it


What job do you have? Field case mgmt, telephonic, in-hospital mostly discharge planning, independent for catastrophics, work comp insurance, HMO disease mgmt, or....?