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hi---i'm an rn with 24 years of experience, and i'm planning to leave bedside nursing. from what i've read about cm, it sounds like just what i'm looking for. i'm wondering where and how to get started. would an on-line course from one of the many universities that offer degree or certificates in cm help me obtain a position, or would it be a waste of money? they are quite expensive. do most employers require a bsn or is an associate degree sufficient? i'm going on 54, and feel the time and expense pursuing a bsn while working full time as a staff rn would be futile. i need all the expert advice i can get! thanks so much!:redpinkhe


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I "lucked" into my position, and sometimes that is the way people get started. Sometimes you have to wait for somebody to move so a vacancy opens. Just depends... I see you are in Fla... I recommend looking on various CM sites... many have positions posted or even google "case management positions in fla" may get you some hits. Depends to on what kind of CM job you are looking for.. there are usually lots of telephonic positions available in your state.. just depends on the locale. Some of those jobs are worked from home, some are not, depends again on the company hiring you. My employer requires a MSN, many require BSN. I don't necessarily think you need to go out and spend bucks on a course, but some firms are going to want CCM or other certification. You will need to be good with DRG and Insurance certification data such as Milliman or InterQual criteria. There are certification courses you can inquire about also on the web. You will also need to be familiar with Medicare criteria and Fla Medicaid criteria for such things as Home Health, rehab, or LTACH. If you want further info, other than I have provided here, PM me and I will be glad to try to answer your questions further.


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Thanks so much CaseManager1947---you gave me lots of specifics and info to research ! I'll begin right away! If it's ok, I'll contact you later to let you know how it's going. I'm sure I will probably come up with more questions as my research continues. Thanks again!:bow:


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RNinFL I feel like you were reading my mind!!!!!lol! I too have been a nurse for a long time all at the same children's hospital in various positions now at the same medical center in the pediatric clinic. We have alot of special needs kids and no real case manager which floors me to begin with. I really think case management is for me but like you I do not have a BSN. I do have a BA in special education. Currently I do alot of the "case management" for a specific group of patients but it is done on the run and not given any worth from the management. I am very frustrated as I know I could be doing more for these kids. I have been thinking of getting a casemanagement certificate but don't think it would really change things in my present office. Maybe I should get it and then look else where. It is frustrating to want to do something and not really know how to go about doing it. I hope you have had some luck with your quest! Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in your situation BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!!!

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