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I am a case manager interested in seeing how the process of Case Management works in the correction facilities. Case Management is identifying high risk patients and assisting them with their healthcare needs and ensuring that they get quality cost effective, least restrictive. I am interested in finding out if anyone utilizes the case management process or if you are intested in learning about what CM is. I would like to write an article about this. I feel that the cost of healthcare in the correctional setting is huge and a great area for case management. Would be interested in your comments, thoughts and questions. anne llewellyn, RN,C, BPSHSA, CCM, CRRN,CEAC Professional Resouces In Management Education


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I work in a state prison system that uses case management to facilitate care to the HIV patient population housed in 86 prisons across the state. We currently have eleven case managers with offices in either our diagnostic centers (entrance facilities) or other strategic locations. These RNs do a combination of education to processing inmates and case management of this complicated disease process. The program director has recently expanded this program to include management of other STDs. Our health services office is looking at this program as a model with plans for the future to expand into other groups of patients.

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