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  1. Are there any good books you have read about this field, or any good nursing books or other books that you refer to, or like to have on hand for this kind of nursing position? Can you recommend any to me? I am a real bookworm, and I like to have good references. Do you like rehab books, for example? What has been helpful to you, or what do you think is most helpful to someone new to this field??

    Thanks!! :kiss

    PS, does anyone use PDA's, share your organizational tips. If you are using a PDA w sync, what software programs do you like? I was thinking about getting streetmap software, so I can always find my way around, rather than having dozens of maps in the car.

    What has helped you to be most organized?? What's your system? I'm trying to anticipate what my home office needs will be. I have a fax and a laptop, but that is to bulky to whip out in dr's offices and such. Suggestions??
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  3. by   LasVegasRN
    Dr. Scott's Knee Book - it's packed away in my garage currently, I can PM you the publisher. It is an EXCELLENT resource for knee injuries and management.

    I'll sort through my books and come back with more info...

    In the meantime, great web resources:

    I'll send more..
  4. by   hoolahan
    Vegas, you ROCK!!! :kiss
  5. by   DallasRN
    One of the best I have is The Case Manager's Handbook by Catherine Mullahy. Covers all aspects of CM including comp.
  6. by   ryaninmtv
    Agree with The Case Manager's Handbook, it's an excellent reference. As far as what do I use to keep organized, I would be dead without my Palm Pilot. I have an M100 which is old and outdated but it has all of my phone numbers, dates, things to do, etc. I would like to upgrade to an M505 which have about 8 times the memory and can handle multiple e-mails. I go to the web site and download news, maps, etc. (Mapquest downloads using avantgo.). It syncs with the Palm desktop software or, if you have Microsoft Outlook, you can use that as well. It takes a little time to get used to writing the Palm alphabet but once you get the hang of it you'll never regret it.
  7. by   lynnintn
    This is not a book, but it is the best overall site I have found for orhto and neuro injuries: Wheeless Textbook:
  8. by   DallasRN
    Thanks for posting the link to the Wheeless textbook on line.
    Excellent! - Susan