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Time for a roll-call for the Case Managers on the board!! I'm here in Vegas, got my CCM in 1999, Medical & Disability Case manager for PPO network & Utilization Management company.... Read More

  1. by   ARnurse69
    Well, I did it--took CCM Exam on Monday, the 8th of December. It states in the new info that results should be here by "late December". Wish me luck!
  2. by   clayoub
    Good luck to you; I hope we hear soon.
  3. by   resNY
    Hi, I am not a case manager but seeing alot of job opportunities for this. What does it entail to become a nurse case manager? Do you need a masters or do you have to take a certification class or what? I can't quite figure it out. I have many years of experience in all areas and am a CLNC. Any answers please, I really don't want to resort to online universities calling me day and night.
  4. by   rnkris525
    I think it may depend on location or facility as far as job requirements. I know that the job I just got as a case manager requires 5 years nursing experience, a BSN, and you must become a CCM within 2 years. I had no experience as a case manager, and they hired me with no problems. I have 11 years nursing experience in 3 different areas, and did have 3 years Clinical Management exp. in home health. Good luck!
  5. by   resNY
    Thanks, that was what I felt when reading the requirements. You've been very helpful.
  6. by   ARnurse69
    CCM results were later than expected--I passed! Yippee! Just waiting on paperwork to arrive.
  7. by   CaseManager1947
    Case Manager for Trauma Services Level I trauma center in Wichita Kansas. I average 20-25 patient case load, but have been running > 30 patients this week and last. I usually have anywhere from 10-11 in the ICU at any given time, plus the ones transitioned to floor beds. I do all the concurrents, plus manage the patient day -to-day with the dc plan of care. all charting done in the computers; we use laptops for all documenting.
  8. by   1BlessedRN
    (new) RN Case Manager for the elderly & disabled, a program designed through medicaid...I am partnered with a licensed social far I love this job..less stress
  9. by   springfieldrn
    Starting in case management Monday! A long term goal realized, 10yrs in the making. Coming from House Sup. before that just about everything except L&D.
  10. by   QTBabyNurse
    [font="century gothic"]i was just hired as a case manager in the emergency department, i'll start in a couple of weeks! i'm super excited to get started learning something new! if anyone has any tips for a "newbie"....please pass them on!!
  11. by   mschelee
    New grad RN- Hospice Case Manager in Las Vegas, NV
  12. by   WHISPERGIRL
    RN, CCM working in a Acute Care Case Manager Position in a tertiary hospital on the Telelmety Unit/Med-Surgical Care. Case manager since 2000. CCM since 2004. I still don't understand the interpretations for rulings by CMC/government, etc. just as much as I didn't when I started this role. It is forever changing. RAC is going to shake things up even more for the medical necessity piece. We utilize an outsourced second level MD Medical Director decision to support our level of care determinations for those that don't fit the strict IQ criteria. We use the Care Enhanced Review Manager for our UR which is nice to document the medical necessity of the patient's stay. I love the Discharge Plan Summary section to document discharge planning needs for the patient. Would love to do less UR and more Discharge planning. Sometimes find it difficult to en do the discharge piece with a case load of 35 to 45 depending on the census and is we have full staff. Who else out there has difficulty getting Senior Managment to understand what value we bring and can be so much more productive with less case load. I would love to see every patient. That can never happen with this case load. I am just putting out the fires and not being proactive. Thank goodness, I do like what I do beause it can be so frustrating that I can't do what I believe we as casemanagers can do.
  13. by   jeffsher
    I'm new to Case Management. Currently working for an HMO that is integrated with a health care system as a "float", covering Medical Home and Community Case Management (both disease management positions).

    Previous experience is inpatient Psych, Peds Med Surg, and outpatient Peds, Family Practice, and Internal Medicine as a clinic nurse and telephone triage nurse.