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Time for a roll-call for the Case Managers on the board!! I'm here in Vegas, got my CCM in 1999, Medical & Disability Case manager for PPO network & Utilization Management company.... Read More

  1. by   tbear
    I am new here and wanted to say i have enjoyed looking around. I am new to Case Management having just started working in the w/c arena this January. before January I lived in Kansas and worked first as a staff nurse in the hospital where i lived then moved to a larger city and began working as an agency nurse. Now I live in Utah and have entered this new field. So far I love it. Being brand new to this field I look forward to any and all tips ya'll can give me.
  2. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Just started Case Mgmt with Home Health one month ago. I will take Certification for Med-Surg in October. (Not required) So I will value any and all hints. So far it seems like a great job and I really love the other nurses. (I also do home visits.)
  3. by   CseMgr1
    Have been doing case management for a Medicare HMO since 2000. Going to take the CCM exam on April 26. Wish me luck...ya'll!
  4. by   ataprice
    Good luck to all who are going to take the CCM exam!! It has changed drastically since I took it so I'm afraid I don't have much advice on what to study. I'm sure HIPPA will be a hot topic.

    Do it!

  5. by   Going80INA55
    I do Disease Mngt for an independent company that contracts to insurance companies. I have been doing this for well over a yr now. I really enjoy it.
  6. by   LasVegasRN
    Welcome all!!
  7. by   BABNRS

    I work for a government contractor doing transplant case management (for almost 2 years). I took the CCM on April 26! I am biting my nails for the next 8-10 weeks waiting for my scores.

    Nice to meet you all :-)
  8. by   CseMgr1
    Bab...I took the CCM exam on April 26 also. Go into the CCMS website and see if your name is listed in their database. I looked to see if my name was in it. It wasn't, but a co-worker who took the test with me was listed. I would like to know just how accurate their database is. Check it and let me know, OK? Thanks a bunch!
  9. by   rona
    I have my BSN and feel very fortunate to have just been hired in case management in a hospital setting. Haven't started yet, but I'll be working primarily with disease management and UR in peds and in some adult units here and there. My background is cardiac interventional unit x 2 years. I'm really excited to enter this new field and am eager to learn!
  10. by   Madilyn Juliet
    I have worked field work comp case management for six years - I love it! I thought I would take a break and go back to the hospital-was that ever a humbling experience! I have also started working in legal nurse consulting...I live in a rural area so it is very hard to break in! I am trying to get on with a company again...I have been independent for awhile-I guess I am just not a business woman!
  11. by   susancox
    In My of this year I finished my BSN in an accelerated program coming in with a BS in Health Eduation. I have been working in Labor and Delivery and am leaving to go to a LTC facilty. They have 1 flour with medical rehab on it, which I am hoping to be on. My goal long term is to get into some kind of case management. I worked, prior to nursing school, at an HMO and worked closley with disease case managers and sew what they did, and had 1 course--what really hooked me--in school in case management. I know I am going to need some experience to get into it and wonder if I am going into the right area of nursing to reach my long term goal. I think I want to do Life Care, Rehab, or Catastrophic CM but am not sure of the real differences and what would be best for me and easiest to get into. Any suggestions, advice, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks~
  12. by   catlover314
    I have been an acute care CM for 4 years now. Home unit is NICU but also help cover PEDS/PICU, OB/L&D and assist on adult surgical when my census is low.
  13. by   tsmith1
    I am new to allnurses so here I am:

    RN, AAS working on my BSN. Have been a case manager since 1997. Started out in workers comp and have not moved on to auto/no-fault. I have handled almost every juridiction on the east cost and am current handling New Jersey. Mostly telephonic work, some field experience as well. Have had my CCM since 1999 and thought it was the most difficult test I have ever taken. Am looking to get into management at this point.
    Would never return to the hospital after doing case management. I love it!!!