is CM the right move

  1. I am an RN with a BSN with almost 7 years nursing experience in a variety of settings (med/surge/renal, internal med office, maternal newborn nursing, community/public health in homeless outreach and prenatal coordination). Also currently enrolled in Masters in Nursing Leadership/Education degree.

    I have been in the hospital setting for past 3 years in MCH but need a change. Have an interview for case management soon. Just wondered if it is the right move. I think I am ready to move away from the 12 hour bedside nursing.

    Is it a move up so to speak?

    I feel it would be valuable experience. I feel stagnant and bored in my current position also.

    Just any random thoughts about the area are welcome.

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  3. by   chiquiraveloski
    I just graduated nursing school in 2008. But had been working in a hospital setting 1988 till 2008. I worked as a ned surge nurse for 3 years and burned out. I needed a change and applied for the case management position in the hospital. Got it and I love it. Pace is very fifferent and stress level is way down. I am learning a lot and always up for a challenge. Still use my clinical judgement but apply it in a different setting.....UR, DC planning....etc. I am enjoyin it so far.
  4. by   weelass71
    thanks for the feedback! appreciate it.
    yes...I just had my interview....I think it sounds like it would be very challenging, interesting, and great experience with the mix of knowledge of medical conditions, care, and balancing the whole medicaid medicare financial stuff too.

    I think I want a change and a challenge.
  5. by   Quickbeam
    I've been an RN for 25 years and half of that was acute care, half case management. I'm in a case management job right now. I'm making more than I made doing hospital work with the added bonus of no weekends, nights, holidays, forced doubles or hearing "just eat your lunch at the nurses station" from the shift supervisor.

    I prefer to work out of an offce and not my home. I like being salaried, flexing if I have a dental appt, working as the job requires. I would say that if you have never worked in an office setting, it can be quite an adjustment. It helps to be organized and have a good phone manner. E-mail me if you have specific questions. I love it!
  6. by   Her Own Catalyst RN
    I'm looking into the same route. I applied for a CM position when I had 2 years experience, (6 months ICU, 1/5 years med-surg) - and they denied me stating they really prefer someone with a bit more experience (minimum of 3).

    Now I have 3 years med-surg, 6mo ICU and about 6mo informatics.

    Haven't given up on the dream yet! Also, I'm currently enrolled in a BSN program.

    I'm hoping to get a case managment job sometime in the near future Best of luck to you!
  7. by   mtngrl
    I agree, the pay is WAYYYYY better than any clincial nursing jobs I have had or heard about! I get all holidays off so don't have to worry about that. Weekends off...unless I am behind...which can be often. Work from home (or anywhere really since it's all on my laptop) and do member visits...scheduled at my convenience or theirs. The only thing is that sometimes I cry my eyes out lol because of the caseload and sometimes it seems everything happens at once! However, when this happens, I just think again about all the good points that I listed above.