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  1. Anyone starting with Humana Cares soon? I go for training next week and I'm getting nervous about the change in careers! I'm leaving the ICU to work from home. I have read good and bad reviews about Humana on here and other sites -- I know every company has its pros and cons, though. Anyone have any thoughts or advice? Anyone gonna be in Cincinnati next week?
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  3. by   Rntr
    There are several replies and "notes" on working with this company... believe them. I would strongly consider staying PRN if possible at your other job...
  4. by   RN In FL
    I trained in Cincinnati, OH for Humana. Work at home telephonic concurrent review nurse. STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!!.. That training you will received is system's....selling the company. You will not be learning about your job. Humana invest a lot of money in the onboarding process....and kinda let you hang out there when it comes to your actual job. Its going to be all about metrics....metrics...metrics. I lasted with the company 14 months.....I have never been so stressed out in all my 30 yrs of nursing. Now I don't know about Humana Cares...but Humana is Humana. The right hand don't know what the left is doing sometimes.....
  5. by   Rntr
    This is so true....
  6. by   TechnoRN
    I hope that you have a really pleasant experience! There are good and back things about just about every employer.
  7. by   BeckyMomof5
    How do you like it? I've accepted an offer for the same position and go for training in October.
  8. by   Attuma0000
    OKAY!! I actually applied for and accepted the same postion. I was schedueled to attend training in Florida and 3 days before I was schedueled to leave... I Didn't. I spoke with both current and former employees about the job. First things first! EVERY JOB WILL HAVE ISSUES!!! So if you are nervous about that.. you will be nervous forever. never opt out of a job becasuse you heard bad things. Nevertheless, I DID hear bad things that I personally could not handle from ANY job, not just Humana. The Humana Cares Manager is a Case Manager RN that works from home. Point blank period. You will have 250-375 cases per month and you are expected to call 80% of them. Not to bad right?? Now onto the inside information...... You will go to Florida for a week so they teach you things that are not "job Specific" you WILL be monitored at home by every move you make. Your Instant messanger will turn a different color if you are not using your computer ( mouse, keystrokes) and your manager (aka Humana Coach) will be monitoring that information as well. Every company has a buzz word, and Humana's is METRICS..METRICS...M E T R I C S..... everything is based on them. Remember that 80% I mentioned before, well you will have members who are not in the same time zone so that may mean getting on the phone and calling members at 6-7pm.. you may not want to but METRICS will make you.. And there is a small letter you have sign that says a memeber of humana's team will come out to your home to "Verify" your home office "at anytime".... Long story short......... I dont like being micromanaged. I pride myself on my ability to work independently and as CM that is one of our requirements. So, thats why i didnt accept the position. I feel like its more about the numbers and meeting goals than about patient care/prevention/transitions of care. Hope my story doesnt deter you but rather serve as a source of information. Also, I do need to point out that most Work at Home positions do have some degree of micromanagement... as they do need to "verify" your actually being productive... Just remember that WAH does not mean freedom to work when you want. they still expect you to put in the same.. if not more.. man power you would at the office.. its mearly a convience for you to work at home and cost saving from them for the decreased need of work space. Sorry for the long rant just wanted to cover all I knew Let me know if you ned more information PM me if you like .. oh and excuse any mis-spelling as well. lol. Nurse not english teacher lol.
  9. by   Rntr
    I would like to add that there is "no" standards for their coaches either. What this means is that the coach you have today may not be the one tomorrow and they have to meet goals also. So, you are on the down end of time there I had 3 different coaches and this meant different goals from them.
    Also, never question any decision that is made. You will be considered "not company" or don't fit their culture.. be very careful working with this company.