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:confused: I'm going to be taking the CCM Exam for the first time this Fall, and would like to hear from those who have taken it; i.e. what study materials (if any), did you find useful, and which... Read More

  1. by   SanFrannurse
    I will be taking the CCM this July. Anyone ever signed up for and recommend it?
    I thought about buying the Case manager's study guide by Fattorusso but heard it's useless. Need advice for most efficient way to study and get the best out of studying. Please respond!
  2. by   rn with class
    I subscribed to and found that it was very helpful. More so than the study guide.
  3. by   pamk
    Has anyone considered going the FAACM (Fellowship in the American Academy of Case Management) way instead via American Institute of Health Care Professionals? Pam :-)
  4. by   RN1Iam
    For anyone who's interested, just took my CCM exam today. 7/17/2010. Felt like I knew only half the stuff. The other half...well, it's just difficult to prepare for. Some of the questions that I can recall were regarding the ADA; EAHCA and free education for the disabled; A Sentinel Event (that's pertaining to a death); What the Physical medicine doctor's goal should be when returning an disabled individual to the work place; Voc Rehab; The Dictionary of Occupational Titles; Many questions on Medicare; OASIS (pertaining to Home Health); The difference between Home Health and Hospice and the one thing that would benefit Hospice patients that is exclusive to Hospice (I put continuous nursing care as HH has limits per Medicare. Hope that's right.); Payer Systems i.e. Captitation, Fee for Service, Case Rate, etc.; Managed Care; The Social Security Act; SSDI; Medicaid; Case manager responsibilities; Communication with the patient; What should the Case manager should do when meeting w/ the patient for the first time; Substance Abuse behaviors; Some Psych pertaining to behaviors; RTW; Clinical Pathways; Patient Guidelines; Some stuff on ethics; Team concepts i.e. collaboration; Working w/ a difficult patient; and that's about all I can remember for now. It's important to know the concepts, as well as some specifics like the rules and laws. I found great info, up to date, on the CCMA website. I even found some free on-line CEU courses pertaining to Case management that I think helped. Now I have to just wait. Four to six weeks? Ugh! Pray for me!
  5. by   SanFrannurse
    Thanks so much for this information. I will be taking the test this week! Wish me luck. From what others have told me about the test....they all say the same thing..."I am not sure how I did on that. There are things on the test I never studied." That makes me nervous. Are the questions really tricky? Are there lots on Work comp and disability? Not sure how much more I can study! What's passing? Do you have to score 80%? Thanks for the info!
  6. by   SanFrannurse
    also what is a case load calculation. the CCMC website indicates that is something that might be on the exam. thanx
  7. by   cmwanab
    I am so grateful for reading your message, I just tested on Saturday 7/24 and you information was so helpful!! I remember the sentinel event question and must have had the identical test......all of what you had was on there and I feel like I did better because of reading your information the night before. One question I did not know was who Medicaid was governed by. I guessed. I hope i guessed right. Most of the test seemed like common sense and 2 of the answers seemed to definitely NOT apply and 2 may have been right. Mostly only 1 answer seemed to pop out for me. Thank you very much!!
  8. by   RN1Iam
    Glad the info helped you. In answer to a previous question, I do think 80% is passing. Don't know if I passed yet, still waiting. This 4-6 week wait is horrible. For folks who register now to take their tests in the future, there will be automatic grading of the exam when they're finished! Man, if I had only waited another month or two. But, still glad I got it over with. I'll be sure to let you know if I passed. I'll be praying for all of us!
  9. by   live23
    Re: CCM EXam, Questions and Tips

    I took the exam a week ago today,very anxious for results.I still don't understand why it takes so long.The test did not seem too bad,I praying that I passed.Does ayone know how many questions are the sample questions and how the test is graded?
  10. by   RN1Iam
    Totally agree! Have no clue why it takes this long. It took less time to get the results of my RN boards. Gees! If you ask me, anything more than 7 days is too long! It's been almost 3 weeks now, and no results yet. Wonder if the CCMC is aware that many times, employers are waiting for this certification before hiring nurses, which means everyone is in limbo. Big Fat Bummer, I tell ya!
  11. by   live23
    I am hoping that the results will come out earlier than 4-6 weeks.Sometimes I feel as if I passed and sometimes I feel I did'nt.I had asked the Lord to design the test so that I could pass and I have to keep reminding myself of that prayer.Well at least the next testing group will have their results when they take the test.Does anyone know how the test is graded and how many you can miss to pass.You all hear anything post it.
  12. by   live23
    being able to post and get responses hepls the wait.
  13. by   TexNse
    It's been so helpful knowing you all are out there with the same concerns. I just checked the CCM list for my name and nothing yet. Just wishful thinking this early. We'll keep the positive thoughts!