Care Coordinator position..opinions

  1. Please read this job description. Does anyone work in a similar capacity? It sounds like discharge planning/social work mixed with nursing. I am looking at open positions in my hospital but I don't want to be in over my head.

    The Care Transitions Coordinator is a clinical liaison position to ensure continuity of care for high risk patients transitioning from a facility to home care or a sub-acute environment. The position has two separate and distinct general responsibilities: (1) Directly communicating with and assessing the patient to improve the patient’s transition from the inpatient to the home or sub-acute setting; (this will include, but not limited to medication reconciliation, self-care plan, engagement of family and care givers, education and referrals) and (2) developing the plan of care and referral relationships of the high risk population within the community.
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    This may be nurse case management position, in which case they left a lot out but hinted to a great deal. Or this may not be a nursing position at all. Some places utilize non-nurses (social workers or non-degreed people) to perform the job of Care Coordinator. So, check to see if they are requiring that the person be the nurse. If not, then no, that is not a nurse case management position and it is not a positon for you...!!!

    If it is the nursing position, it reads like you may not get a lot of help. In fact, you may have to do ALL the work (assess and refer) along with making ALL of the arrangements that is required to do the job, which has been my experience.

    By the way, it helps to have social workers and non-degreed people to assist with making arrangements for patients' safe discharge or transfer, social work activities, and to make non-nursing referrals, but this positon may not be like that so be sure to ask. Good luck and welcome.
  4. by   Caffeine_IV
    Thanks for the response, very helpful. It is indeed a nursing position but not the one for me.