Are you a happy, sad or frustrated CM?

  1. Hello, everybody...Ive been a CM for an insurance company for 3 yrs and now im terribly bored with same-o sam-o everyday.
    The sad part is I dont know where to go or what to do after this.
    So, please help me out--where do you work, what specifics do you do in your CM life? are you happy and love your job? Maybe I can get an idea and would want to be in your shoes too!!!
    Thank you for pitching in!
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    [font="verdana"]hospital cm here and i am far from bored. on the other hand, boring sounds like a good job with good co-workers to me.... drama free! have you thought about working part-time, on-call, or per diem somewhere else?

    many of my full-time co-workers work in other environments part-time and the part-timers work in other enviroments full-time. working this way will allow you to keep your current job while you giving you the opportunity to explore other areas of case management. who knows? the part-time job can turn into a full-time job rather quickly and you can change your status with your current job (resign or go part-time). good luck!
  4. by   Dancer1nRed
    I too work in a community acute hospital. We do everything in the RN CM spectrum (all kinds of UM, DC planning, coordination with the community network...), that makes my job "interesting," or I may just say "crazy" sometimes. I once hear an analogy about CM, and I think it really comes to life: "CM is like juggling a dozen of glass & rubber balls, your job is to figure out which ball is OK to drop and which ball cannot afford to be dropped, for now." That is exactly my kind of work life (plus the insufficient funds that leads to having insufficient staff, which leads to large caseload in an relatively inefficient environment, which makes the frustrating part of work). I think as a hospital, we have some room to improve... I like the concept of doing full spectrum CM though, I think it's a good training ground for me to go anywhere later if I want to.

    Anyway, like the comment from MBARNBSN, I know people who work per diem in 2 jobs, work a CM job while doing a bedside nursing job, or just work part-time and have your own business (maybe be a consultant?). I think it'd be interesting for you to work "the other side" - review denials in hospital. Or maybe go into QI to improve documentation.