Anyone have experience with Travelers insurance as a CM?

  1. I've recently landed an interview with Travelers insurance company for a CM position. If accepted in, it would be my first gig as a CM. I've been doing a lot of research as to what the job entails and the transition from a floor nurse to a CM. I was wondering, however, if anyone our there has heard of Travelers?? I've been researching online, but the reviews are very mixed. Not sure if I should disregard the negative reviews?? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    I did a lot of Travelers cases when I did CM for TPAs (third-party [claims] administrators). I found them easy to work with, but not exceptional. Bear in mind that a lot of folks work for several-- or many-- companies over the years, and some are better than others, some are worse, and sometimes it's just a matter of your supervisor that makes or breaks it. Overall, it's pretty much the same everywhere. Go for it.
  4. by   WC Case manager
    Have worked with travelers adjusters and MCMs a lot. They all pretty nice. You shouldn't have a difficult time fitting in. They're a big company and use a lot of case management vendors for their field work
  5. by   Nei77
    Hi I have an interview next week for CM how did it go?