advice for new case manager insurance company

  1. hello all

    i just accepted a job as a case manager for a large insurance company. i dont have any experience as a case manager but they will train me. im looking for advice.and any advice on what to look out for?
    what might help me be successful?
    any books or websites i might want to review to help me in this transition?

    thank you
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  3. by   d'cm
    The actual work of an insurance company case manager is tightly defined by the company. Going in with preconceptions could be counterproductive. The only thing I would suggest is making sure you know how to use Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  4. by   bubblesbanks
    Be ready for larger case loads then hands on nursing, and be very patient with dealing with contractual agreements/arrangements with the government. Some people really enjoy this type of work. I did not care for it much. I was very happy when I was able to get back to hands on nursing. I wish you the best of luck.
  5. by   SummerGarden
    OP: D'cm is correct, you will receive your training regarding your duties and responsibilities from your employer. Plus, through work experience you will gain additional knowledge. However, if you are seeking books and other resources, check out the Case Management Society of America website: CMSA Home - Case Management Society of America

    bubblesbanks: I left CM and returned to bedside nursing too! I too was tired of the case loads! I was also tired of the unrealistic expectations, the long hours, the inability to take off, and the lack of career advancement or career flexibility opportunities.