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Carrington College Reno


I just took the entrance exam for the RN program at Carrington College Reno. Has anyone been accepted in the program and do you remember what your scores were? I did above average but I'm worried that they weren't good enough. Since I will be moving to Reno from California to attend the school, I'm getting anxious and I'm wondering if I should try to take the exam again before the cutoff for the January class.

Hi, I have also recently taken the entrance exam at Carrington for the RN program. I did well enough to get called for an interview, but have not recieved an acceptance letter.

The letters were mailed last Friday the 14th so results should be in your mailbox early next week. I'm in Sacramento, so I'm hoping by Tuesday for me. I had 2 1/2 days notice to study, and my score wasn't as high as I wanted... But half of the people who took the exam didn't pass so I'm just going to think happy thoughts. :-) did you do well on your exam?

I have waiting impatiently for this letter! I took the exam in early October and it has felt like I have been waiting for months to hear back. I did pretty well, I scored an overall 90% I have also heard the average for this test is pretty low. Did you get an interview? How did you do on the exam?

That's a good score! I got an 80. I'm not too nervous because I'm pretty sure I didn't make the cut this go-round. I did great in reading, pretty good in math but the writing part was by far my worst! I didn't study 6th grade English! Lol! I know my next attempt will be much better. I did get an interview, and the enrollment lady (can't mention names here) told me that I still did really well. I was shocked to find out how many people failed that exam. About 50%!

I also read a different chat feed on this website and there were three people comparing scores one of them got a 91' another 93 and one 80. The top two got in and the 80 didn't.... That made me nervous, but I've came to terms with my lower score. Still, I have a small glimmer of hope. Either way, I hope you post of you get in!

Writing was also my lowest score, I did not expect the writing portion to be tough for me. Well I guess the acceptance scores vary every time because I know someone who got in with a 78% last May. Im trying not to get my hopes up, but am ready to know the answer. I'm also waiting to apply to Tmcc, another local college here in Reno. I will be applying to Carrington again as well the next available testing date. Now that I have taken the exam, I know what to study for next time!

That's how I feel, next time will be much better! And if someone got in with a 78, there's hope for me yet!

im still 3 semesters away from being able to apply to the local programs, I've been slowly plugging away for the better part of 10 years! The programs here are extremely difficult to get into. You compete with over 2,000 other applicants. Carrington feels like to right move for me and my family, not worried about the cost. We'll be making more than that our first year out!

Please post when you get your letter! My name is Shannon by the way! :-)

I will update you when I receive my letter. Hopefully we both have good news to share! :) oh and My name is Rosie.

Mailman stalking...... Lol!

I am doing the same!

Mail came, no letter today. Hopefully you get yours since your local. :-)

Same here, no letter today.

Received anything yet?

But I think my mailman is weirded out by my stalking behavior! Lol!

im guessing you haven't gotten anything yet either?

No, I have not :( I called the school today and they said they were mailed out yesterday...so who knows what's really going on.

That's crap! With the start date quickly approaching you would think that the letters would have gone out a little faster! Thanks for letting me know, now I won't stalk the poor old mail carrier! Lol! If you're in reno hopefully you get yours today. Can't imagine it taking loner than a day for local delivery.