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For excellent review questions with answers and rationales, check out the Substance Abuse sections of the Psychiatric Mental Health Certification Exam review texts and Psychiatry Board Exam review books (YES---the review books used by Physician students/residents are excellent brain teasers for disease/

symptom identification and treatment options in substance abuse for RNs).

In my professional opinion, the above resources are also excellent resources for general review.

Good luck and much success to you!


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The new book "Core Curriculum of Addictions Nursing" by Rundio and Lorman is horrific and unreadable. It's an outline format. Geez ! It's a total waste of money. I went and get 2 - 30 CEU from Homestead (google Homestead CEU ): Chemical Dependency (30 CEU) and Substance Abuse (30 CEU) - both were very informative. I also read Addiction for Nurses by Hussein Rassool. It's a well-written book but more in a perspective of a British author. Nonetheless, it's a very good book.


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I just recently passed the CARN exam but have not received an official certification letter to provide to my employer. How long it normally take to receive it?


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What book did you use?

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