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Hello all,

I am new at this site. I am currently a RN looking to take the CARN exam this fall. I have already ordered the study guide from the NISTA site. Is there anything else that I should order to prepare? I would really like to take an online prep course but have not seen any available. Im really worried about this test? Is it very hard? Lots of pharmacology? Suggestions for studying?? Any info would be appreciated!!

P.S. If you have taken this test about how long did you study for it??

MiaLyse, APRN

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I am interested in this also. :)

Did you take the exam yet? How did you do? I just passed and am now a CARN.


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How hard is the exam? How long? I passed the NCLEX in the 75 questions and generally do well with reading but this exam has me nervous.

I got my CARN over 10 years ago, it was a very difficult exam. I am so glad that I took it and got my CARN, it has helped me get my current position in an outpatient addictions treatment center....wouldn't want to have to take that test again!

Has anyone taken the June 2015 CARN test?

I took it today. I know the exam is in review - didn't receive any indication of pass or fail at the end of the test - i only received a printout from the testing center that "as part of the current test development process,....reviewing the test content and responses after all testing in June has ended..." pending a score report. Not sure if this is an indication of a fail as I am reading that we are suppose to receive immediate results upon submission of the exam. Anyone have any insight with this?