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Does anyone know if a caregiver or Lic. CNA is allowed to give medications if they are caring for someone in a home? Is there a scope of practice or laws that allow or do not allow in California? What are the consequences?

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Best way to make 100% sure is to contact the Board of Nursing in State that you work in to see what you can and cannot do.

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agreed. When you get opinions on possible legal issues they may be WAY off track

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I worked as a caregiver/direct care staff member for 6 developmentally-disabled adults in a southern California group home from late 2000 until mid-2001. I was 20 years of age and had no healthcare training whatsoever, not even a CNA certification. However, I administered their oral medications every morning before breakfast.

I was giving drugs such as Haldol, Zyprexa, and daily multivitamins. Other group homes in California were engaging in the practice of having unlicensed assistive personnel give medications to the clients, too. We were working under the license of an on-call physician, which supposedly covered the legalities of the situation.

Things might have changed in the 8 years that have elapsed, but I doubt it.

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