Career Prospects for a New Grad FNP


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I am living in the south east US. I am starting FNP school this fall. After many years in the ED, I am super passionate about preventive care and feel many primary care providers are not focused on this aspect of care. My dream is to be part of a movement to promote primary prevention efforts.

However, I know I can't do this initially. Just wondering what my realistic job prospects will be for a new grad FNP....

I have done a basic search on the internet and have not found many open positions, but wondering if I'm searching the wrong places??

Now I'm second guessing my specialty and wondering if I should dual enroll in another program to make myself more competitive.

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!!

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IMO, this is a great time for you to make the move to FNP because US healthcare is shifting into a population health model in which wellness & 'hospital avoidance' is much more highly valued. Historically, job availability will always be driven by reimbursement - so if 'avoiding readmissions' and 'managing chronic illness' are rewarded (like they are in the new model) then the jobs will be there.

Wishing you all the best on your career progression


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Thank you HouTx! Glad to hear some assurance!

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Check out local Business Journal... I see many NP ads in Philadelphia's version: